Rest Assured Technologies offers a unique package to enable dentists to expand their practices into the lucrative new field of Dental Sleep Medicine. This all inclusive package consists of all the resources dentists need to diagnose and treat "at risk" patients, including:

Screening Software

Our internet-based SDB screening tool lets you screen all your patients to predict if they are "at risk" for SDB, and if so, prescribe a sleep test, follow the patient through their treatment process, and compile efficacy data. This software is easy to use and integrates with existing Dental Records Management Systems, sleep center software, PHR systems and insurance claim submittal systems.

Rest Assured Offers Fresh Thinking

RestQ solves the problem of interrupted airways while offering an easier, more acceptable means of treatment. Formally known as a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD), RestQ is an oral appliance that fits over the upper and lower teeth, much as found in plastic mouth pieces used by athletes, but otherwise connected by two adjustable hinges that position the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep to keeping the airway passage fully open. This reduces the sleep apnea intermittent cessation of breathing during sleep, as well as the snoring also associated with airway obstruction.


Our online, interactive training sessions teach dentists and their staff how to incorporate Dental Sleep Medicine into their practice. The potential also exists to incorporate Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

Access to Products

Rest Assured Technologies provides dentists with access to the necessary home sleep study equipment, oral appliances, and other measurement equipment.

Insurance Claim Management

OSA is a medical claim, so Rest Assured Technologies acts as an intermediary for dental offices in submitting insurance claims and collecting reimbursements.

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Our Affiliates

Rest Assured Technologies manages an affiliate network of dentists, primary care providers, and sleep centers. In addition to benefiting from our all inclusive consulting solution, Affiliate members typically enjoy: